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The SHIFT has begun!

Well, the SHIFT has begun! (Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out my word of the year post and linkup.)

This week, probably because I’m currently on an at-home holiday from work, my shift in attitude seems to have been focused on my surroundings. I’ve been working on being diligent about taking care of little tasks that affect my level of contentment – things like…

  • putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher immediately instead of leaving them on the counter
  • sorting and tossing junk mail and recyclables into the appropriate bins instead of allowing them to pile up
  • picking up after myself instead of leaving my in-progress projects in messy and precarious stacks around the house

…and generally doing my part to keep the place tidy and clutter-free. PLUS, thanks to a timely nudge from the YOU-app yesterday, I even cleaned out the fridge. Yes, yes I did!

Now THERE’S an accomplishment!

cleaning products

I’m sure the changes I make in 2015 won’t ALWAYS be about housework-type stuff – I certainly have other things in mind that could use an attitude shift in the days to come! – but I must admit, it’s rather nice to start a fresh new year with a couple of bursts of organization. And the great thing is that nothing I’m doing is particularly onerous or time-consuming – in fact, taking care of the little things right then and there means that I save a tremendous amount of time and annoyance over the long run, so it’s a winning situation.

Now, there are a couple of shelves in the basement I need to SHIFT in order to reorganize our pantry supplies… so off I go!

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