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Random weird entry on Lapsang Souchong

The other day I overheard a co-worker say that she’d just tried and enjoyed a cup of Lapsang Souchong tea for the first time.

Ah, the memories!

I always chuckle at the words Lapsang Souchong, as the first time I heard them was when my sister and I watched Episode 120 of the 80s sitcom “Family Ties.”  Anyone remember that show?  (Bonus points if you remember that particular episode featuring poor infatuated Mallory Keaton, enthralled by Mr. Pretentious Poet and his Lapsang Souchong tea!)

Despite joking about that episode reference with my sister for years afterward, I’d never actually tried the tea myself.  Not too long ago, however, I bought a sampler box of Numi Tea which included a couple of envelopes of the memorable Lapsang Souchong. Finally, the time had come for me to see for myself what was so special about Mr. Pretentious Poet’s drink of choice!  With great anticipation I brewed a mug of the tea, let it steep the required amount of time, and, despite some trepidation at the smoky smell rising with the steam, took my first sip.

I couldn’t finish it… I just couldn’t do it.  The taste ranked right up there with cilantro and rooibos on my unpleasantness scale, and as far as I’m concerned, Mr. Pretentious Poet can keep it all to himself.

I have managed to think of a way for you to experience this wonderful (*cough*) brew for yourself, however, and all without spending any money on the actual tea!  Next time you’ve been sitting near a campfire for a couple of hours, just pour some boiling water over the clothes you were wearing, wring them into a teapot, and enjoy a mug of the smoky goodness.

As for me, I think I’ll take a pass.

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