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Random Updates

I was able to chat with my husband (Peter) a couple of times on the phone today, then headed up to the hospital around dinnertime to see him. He’s still very, very tired – if you’ve ever stayed in a hospital, you’ll know that they are not particularly conducive to a good night’s sleep! – so the visit was a short one. I sat and visited with him while he ate his meal, then left shortly after as his eyes were struggling to stay open.

From what I’ve seen and also what he’s told me, Peter appears to be getting great care in a really well-run, positive environment. This hospital doesn’t seem to have been affected by provincial cutbacks such as the ones that took their toll on the hospitals in BC. Even the food – while still hospital food – is an improvement! It really eases my mind to know that he is in such good hands.

Apparently this afternoon a woman came by the ward with a cute little dog she brings to visit hospital patients, who got up on Peter’s bed for some pats and hand licks. How fun! I don’t remember any kind of program like that during either of his two stays at the hospital in Victoria, but I think it’s a brilliant idea.

As for me, I’m doing pretty well now. I was able to wrap up my workday early and grab a nap this afternoon before going to the hospital – so that, plus an early night tonight, should mean that I’ll be caught up on my sleep deficit by tomorrow. This is a good thing, as I do have a busy week ahead of me in addition to work and trips to and from the hospital – a couple of social events, my first Italian class, plus several errands that need to be run before Peter comes home (whenever that may be – we’re still not sure). I also have some housecleaning to do, as apparently I revert to the “deal with the mess later” style of living as soon as I’m on my own!

Hope you’re having a good week.

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