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The Queen of ProcrastiNation

So there are these brown cardboard boxes currently sitting on the floor of my home office. Two of them, actually, that have been taking up space for as long as we’ve been living in this house and have been progressively getting more and more full to the point where they are now overflowing. Two boxes that make the room look and feel cluttered, that I trip over when I go to the filing cabinet, that are filled with stuff that needs to be dealt with already.

Each week I tell myself that THIS is going to be the weekend that I’m finally going to tackle those darn boxes and actually finish setting up my office. And each weekend – surprise, surprise! – it doesn’t end up getting done.

So what’s in the boxes, you ask?


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One of them is filled to overflowing with household paperwork to be filed… because, in spite of the fact that I’ve been able to set up nearly all of our bills to be sent electronically, there are still some occasions where ending up with a paper copy of something is unavoidable. Dealing with the contents of this box should be fairly straightforward; however, it’s complicated by the fact that my personal filing drawers are currently stuffed full and space needs to be made before I can add anything new. And once that space has been made (by pulling out old paperwork that can be thrown out), I’ll be faced with a pile of documents to be shredded and recycled. So by dealing with the first cardboard box, I’ll actually be creating another task for myself.


The second box is jam-packed with all sorts of miscellaneous stuff that has been tossed there to get it out of the way when I didn’t have the time or inclination to put it away. Some are items I want to keep but that need to be moved to their proper place, some are things I no longer want that will be heading either to the thrift store or the recycling bin, and the rest is just random detritus that needs to be tossed. (Basically it’s the cardboard equivalent of a junk drawer, only not quite so well-hidden.)

So why are these boxes still sitting there, anyway?

tiaraThe answer is that because, while I am very tidy about my workspace and efficient with my schedule with regard to my paid job, when it comes to my personal life and space I am the (seriously crown-worthy) queen of procrastination. Honestly! It seems as though there is always something better to do, a great TV show to watch, some interesting book to read, or hey look, the internet!

Even thinking about dealing with these two boxes makes me feel tired… yet not dealing with them doesn’t make me feel good either. I am quickly coming to realize that the time is approaching – in fact, I do believe it may have already passed – whereby I MUST deal with these two boxes. Space is tight in my little office, the boxes are full to overflowing, and their very presence is starting to stress me out.

I really don’t want to hang on to this particular crown! So maybe, just maybe, this weekend will be the one where I finally get off my butt and deal with those two boxes.

Or at least make a decent start.

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