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Piano dreams

I miss my piano.

My piano was an old, massive, dark brown Nordheimer passed down through a couple of generations until it ended up in my home. Sadly, my home proved to be little more than a storage spot for The Beast, as despite my best intentions, I barely played it in the four years it resided with me. Thing is, that whole time it needed tuning, plus a few crucial keys had become stuck from the dampness, and I never seemed to have the extra cash to get the work done. (No, scratch that. I had the cash at various times, but chose instead to buy computers, or iPods, or various other electronic gadgets.)

Regrets of a sort, but not totally. I like my gadgets.

When we put our townhouse on the market, I had no alternative but to find a new home for The Beast. First off, our living room was so small that the piano completely dominated it and the place wouldn’t “show” well (a realtor’s nightmare!), but more importantly, it wouldn’t have been worth the cost of moving it across the country. I ended up giving it to a lovely young woman, a student, who was delighted to receive it. I hope she was able to have it tuned and fixed up and is enjoying it as much as I should have while I had it.

Anyway… we were in Costco the other day, and I saw an electric piano. I tentatively played a few notes and was surprised at how much it felt like a “real” piano! I guess I’d always thought it would be a cheap imitation of the real thing, and perhaps if I were a true aficionado I’d still think so, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Then, just now, I received an e-mail from Costco, and lo and behold, there’s an full-sized electric piano featured.

With a $150 rebate.

But it’s still $449.99 (plus tax).

I don’t have $449.99 (plus tax), at least not earmarked to spend on a new piano.


Creative (and legal!) financing ideas, anyone?!

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