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Photo Friday: On A Walk

A few years ago a small group of friends and I used to go for regular walks on the Ganatchio Trail. It was a fun way to both get some exercise and get to know each other a little better, and I have fond memories of those friendship-building days back when I was first putting down roots in Windsor. Today’s Photo Friday prompt – “On A Walk” – is a sweet reminder of one of the sights we passed on our usual route.

Photo Friday - On A Walk

Photo Friday – On A Walk

Though I may have gone a little overboard on editing (apps are fun!), I quite like the composition of this photo. It’s definitely among my favourites, partly for how it turned out and partly for the memories it evokes.

Maybe this spring I can find some local friends who are up for reviving our walking dates! Any takers?!

Do you have a favourite walking route?
Please share!


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