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Photo Friday: Translucent + 100 Happy Days – Day 42

I didn’t think I had anything to share for today’s Photo Friday “Translucent” prompt, but as I scrolled through my archives I found a picture I took a short time ago which I thought would work quite well. It’s the view through a privacy window on the side of our house, where the ivy has been slowly taking over and has now apparently decided to start making its way across the glass.

Photo Friday - Translucent

Photo Friday – Translucent

I suppose we really should get out there and tame it – at least where it’s covering the window – but there’s something so lovely about catching an unexpected glimpse of life outside whenever I use the stairs that I hesitate to take action. (I’ll probably feel differently as the leaves start to fall, however – a bare vine won’t be particularly inspiring to look at!)

As for happiness… well, I woke up this morning in a fairly grumpy mood after a poor sleep last night, but decided to do my best to reclaim the day by starting off with something I consider to be an instant happiness-maker: a shot of Nutella! I normally drink my coffee black, but felt instinctively that this morning’s state of mind called for the addition of some heated milk and a tablespoon of that sweet, creamy, chocolate-hazelnut goodness.

100 Happy Days - Day 42

100 Happy Days – Day 42

And you know what? It worked. 🙂

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