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Photo Friday: Tiny + 100 Happy Days – Day 63

Though I originally had another picture in mind to share with you for today’s Photo Friday “Tiny” prompt, as I scrolled through my archives I stumbled across a different one that I realized would be even better! So my choice for today is actually a photo I took of some table décor at Serious Coffee in Victoria when I was there to meet up with friends back in October.

Photo Friday: Tiny

Photo Friday: Tiny

I thought it was a rather imaginative and quirky way to decorate (and practical, for that matter, as it eliminated the problem of live plants that require maintenance and safety issues that come with burning candles!), and was especially enthralled by the tiny puffy folded paper stars. Aren’t they adorable?!

Fast forward to the present, where a quick internet search led me to today’s happiness-bringer: easy-to-follow directions to make my very own Origami Lucky Star.

100 Happy Days - Day 63

100 Happy Days – Day 63

As you can see, once I got started I didn’t want to stop! They’re super quick and easy to do, and after making a couple I realized that I no longer even needed to look at the directions. I think my next craft store purchase is going to be some sheets of pretty origami paper. 🙂

It’s such a little thing, but learning to make these stars made my day!

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