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Photo Friday: Spring

One year ago we were experiencing a long, cold, snowy winter that just seemed to drag on and on and on with no apparent end in view… so when “On my mind” showed up as one of the Photo A Day Challenge prompts last March, the first thing that popped into my head was, “Well, Spring, of course!” But how is one to photograph Spring when the ground is covered in snow and there’s not a bud in sight?

Not a problem! A dash of creative liberty and some outside-the-box silliness gave me the idea for this picture, which a year later I’m now choosing to recycle for today’s Photo Friday “Spring” challenge prompt.

Photo Friday: Spring

Photo Friday: Spring

Well, it IS a spring, after all!

Spring always used to mean rain, rain, and more rain to me, so in spite of the blossoms I would never have described it as a favourite time of year. Now that I’ve had a chance to experience a climate with definite season changes, however, I’ve grown to look forward to the coming of Spring with great anticipation. Even if the official start of the season doesn’t feel very Spring-like, to me it’s a symbolic day of joy and hope and anticipation, and I love and celebrate its arrival.

So Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!

(And a very Happy Fall/Autumn to those of you in the Southern Hemisphere!)

What’s your favourite season?
Please share!


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