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Photo Friday: Signs of Autumn

Today’s Photo Friday “Signs of Autumn” challenge prompt actually touches on one of my photographic regrets – the fact that every year I say I’m going to spend an Autumn afternoon driving around our area and taking pictures of the gorgeous fall foliage, but never actually get around to doing so.

But that isn’t going to stop me from participating in the challenge this week! One of my favourite fall photos was taken last year and captured the ivy growing on the side of our house after it had changed from its normal vibrant green of summer to various depths and tones of autumn red.

Photo Friday: Signs of Autumn

Photo Friday: Signs of Autumn

I think the reason I love this picture so much is because of the way the red softness of the leaves stands out against and compliments the rough gray of the stone blocks. I think ivy growing on brick or stone buildings is a delight, and I’m so glad I own a house that sports such a lovely feature.

Happy Friday!

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Photo Friday

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