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Photo Friday: Pink

This year I’ve been scaling back my blogging time to make room for other pursuits, so it’s been awhile since I participated in the Photo Friday challenge. Today’s “Pink” prompt proved hard to resist, though, so I’m jumping in to share a recent favourite – one I took last month for the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge.

Photo Friday: Pink

Photo Friday: Pink

Way back (way back!) in my high school days, pink was my most favourite colour. For much of the 1980s I wore pink clothes, accessorized with pink, even chose a line of fragrance – Chantilly – that was packaged in pink. On top of that, my family supported my obsession with the colour and totally delighted me by decorating the downstairs bathroom adjacent to my bedroom in the soft pastel.

Then the 1990s arrived and I headed into my decades-long “all black, all the time” phase and, well, my adoration for pink faded into history. But I still have a place in my heart for the sweet colour, and a protective fondness of the me I was when I loved it. Taking photos dedicated to pink is a wonderful way to remember.

Happy Friday!

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Photo Friday

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