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Photo Friday: Paradise

I struggled with finding something suitable for today’s Photo Friday challenge prompt of Paradise. Probably the closest thing to paradise I’ve ever experienced was visiting Hawaii (The Big Island as well as Kauai), but that was a long, long time ago – well before the advent of digital photography! And though I lived for many years in Victoria, BC (which to many is considered a sort of paradise!), I can’t say that I have any photos from there that to me would communicate the appropriate feeling.

In the end I decided to go with something a little more recent – a photo I took from the very southernmost point of mainland Canada, Point Pelee – not necessarily because anyone else would consider it a paradise, but rather because of my memories of that day. Our visit to the park and Lake Erie, though not a trip to the oceanside, was the first time I’d seen a vast expanse of open water since I’d left Vancouver Island. Paradise? Maybe not… but it did feel a bit like coming home.

View from the tip of Canada at Point Pelee

View from the tip of Canada at Point Pelee

New bucket list item: visit paradise, iPhone camera in hand. 🙂

Have you visited paradise?
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