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Photo Friday: Panorama

My heart sank a little when I saw today’s Photo Friday prompt – Panorama – because I was pretty sure that I’d have nothing suitable to share with you! See, I would describe my method of photography as iPhoneography, which means that my shots generally tend to be Instagram-focused and taken from a 1:1, perfect square point of view. As you can imagine, it’s kind of difficult to capture a panoramic shot in a square format!

Ever hopeful, however, I scrolled WAY back in my archives (i.e., pre-Instagram) and found this shot – which I’ll admit is really only borderline panoramic – that I took years ago when I still lived in Victoria. It’s a view from Beacon Hill of Dallas Road and the ocean, and even if it’s not perfectly suitable to the prompt, it’s a lovely reminder of my old home (which I’ll get to see again in a few short weeks)!

Ocean View from Beacon Hill - Dallas Road, Victoria, BC

Ocean View from Beacon Hill – Dallas Road, Victoria, BC


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