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Photo Friday: End of Day

Happy Friday, friends! Did you miss me? (Did you even notice I was missing?!) I’ve been hard at work setting up a new artist portfolio and shop on Redbubble (P.S. – links to all of my shops are on the sidebar of my Ten Thousand Tangles blog, if you’re interested in checking them out!), so have been a little scarce in terms of blog posts here on Alphabet Salad… but I’m back now with my response to the Photo Friday “End of Day” challenge prompt.

Photo Friday: End of Day

Photo Friday: End of Day

Tired of seeing photos of our riverfront yet?! Well, I’m not sure I’ll ever be tired of hanging out and snapping photos there, so brace yourself for more to come in future days. 🙂

Got any exciting plans for the weekend?
Please share!

Photo Friday

NaBloPoMo August 2015

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