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Photo Friday: Creature

As this month marches on I am counting down with great anticipation to October when my parents and sister will be arriving in Windsor for a visit with us. Funnily enough, last year at this time I was counting down to a visit as well – but back then it was me heading out west to spend some time with them.

I had a great little vacation, and while I was there tried to fit in as many of my beloved Victoria places to see and things to do as I possibly could. One of those excursions included a visit to Fisherman’s Wharf, complete with lunch at Barb’s Fish & Chips, a photo-taking stroll along the docks, and – of course! – a visit with the local seals and otters.

Even though I’m a little (rather, a LOT!) paranoid about dropping my phone into the water, I couldn’t resist (very carefully) snapping picture after picture of these beautiful creatures – and for today’s Photo Friday “Creature” prompt I’m sharing one of my favourites.

Photo Friday: Creature

Photo Friday: Creature

Isn’t he gorgeous?! Revisiting the sight of that whiskered face with its enormous soulful brown eyes and subtle smile feels to me like a great way to head into the weekend.

Happy Friday!

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Photo Friday

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