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Photo Friday: Circle

I ran out of coffee beans this morning (the horror!), and was forced to make do with a cup of instant (twice the horror!). Peter drinks instant coffee all the time, but I’m not a fan; still, I must admit that it was great to have a backup caffeinated beverage in place to compensate for our negligence.

And as I sipped my drink I was, rather surprisingly, hit with a flood of memories – all involving travel. What?! At first I couldn’t figure out what was going on, then suddenly realized that the taste of instant coffee reminds me of that first cup of rather bitter, harsh morning coffee made in your hotel room using the very basic supplies provided before you’ve had a chance to get dressed and head out for a cup of the real thing.

So fascinating, the connections our brain makes between tastes, smells, and events to create memories!

The travel theme must have hung around in my thinking, as when I saw today’s Photo Friday “Circle” challenge prompt I immediately remembered a colourful piece of art I saw at McCormick Place in Chicago when I was in town for BlogHer ’13. Perfect!

Photo Friday: Circle

Photo Friday: Circle

What do you think of this piece? I was struck by the variety of blended patterns and intricate detail, which made me think of tangling – is it any wonder I was drawn to it?!

Happy Friday!

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