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Photo Friday: Brightly Lit + 100 Happy Days – Day 49

My response to today’s Photo Friday “Brightly Lit” prompt is actually a two-fer. Initially I had one photo in mind, then as I was searching for it I came across another that I thought seemed particularly appropriate, so in the end when I couldn’t choose between the two I decided to share both!

The first is a picture I captured of Oscar chasing dust particles in the sunshine. Parts of it are a bit blurry as he was in a constant state of head-darting motion, but I think that actually adds to the feeling I was trying to capture.

Photo Friday - Brightly Lit

Photo Friday – Brightly Lit

The second is a photo of the “brightly lit” pumpkins we carved with a friend last Halloween. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time or energy to get together again this year, so I thought I’d get a little extra mileage out of our previous efforts!

Photo Friday - Brightly Lit

Photo Friday – Brightly Lit

Actually… I say “our” efforts, when really I had very little to do with it. As it turned out, I ended up in the kitchen making Puddle Cake, as you’ll see by my account of the evening.


And, in the spirit of the holiday… today’s happiness is brought to you by a few minutes of fun creating my virtual Halloween “costume” on a silly iPhone photo editing app.

100 Happy Days - Day 49

100 Happy Days – Day 49

Since I’m not actually dressing up, I guess this will have to suffice!

Have a happy weekend!

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