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Photo Friday: Big

Today’s Photo Friday word – “Big” – left me a bit stumped at first, but as I scrolled through my photo archives I found what I realized would be the perfect response to the prompt!

This picture was taken last summer at Chicago’s Navy Pier while I was visiting the city for BlogHer ’13. I was particularly interested in seeing this Ferris wheel, as our book club had just a month or so earlier read The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, part of which covered the construction of the original Ferris wheel for the World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago in 1893.

The Ferris wheel in my photo is definitely big at 45.7 metres (150 feet) tall, but quite a bit smaller than the original, which rose to a height 80.4 metres (264 feet)… and nowhere near the height of the current tallest Ferris wheel, which stands at 167.6 metres (550 ft)!

Unfortunately I didn’t have time that day to ride the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier – but never fear! Chicago isn’t far, and I will be back.

Ferris wheel at Navy Pier, Chicago


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