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Photo Friday: Autumn Colour + 100 Happy Days – Day 35

Yes, I’m back in Windsor… but as it turns out, today’s post is still going to be rather Victoria-centric, so please bear with me!

First, for today’s Photo Friday “Autumn Colour” prompt (yes, I took the liberty of switching to the Canadian spelling!), I thought I’d share a picture I took the other day outside a Victoria office building.

Autumn Colour - Victoria, BC

Autumn Colour – Victoria, BC

I love how the leaves on this tree are still in the midst of changing from green to gold, and as a result you can see a variety of different colours all along the autumn spectrum.

And today’s happiness is brought to you by this new and gorgeous mug, which I spotted while shopping with my sister at London Drugs, one of my favourite Western-Canada-only stores.

100 Happy Days - Day 35

100 Happy Days – Day 35

I love its jewel tones, its 70s-inspired design (which reminds me a bit of some of the jewellery my sister makes), and the fact that my sister bought it for me as a gift when she saw how I fell in love with it! Thankfully it made it through baggage handling with no ill effects, and I was able to enjoy today’s morning coffee from it. Add to that a first-morning-back-home breakfast cooked for me by Peter (which included delicious toast made from an artisanal spelt loaf I brought back from our old favourite WildFire Bakery), and you can see how my day got off to a rather lovely (and happy) start!

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