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Photo Friday: Atmosphere

One of the spots I love most in all the world is Pagliacci’s Restaurant (Pag’s, for short) in Victoria, BC. The food is absolutely divine, the atmosphere loud, bustling, and energetic, and the warm terracotta-coloured walls with New York City-inspired mural and rows of framed photos of well-known visitors are saturated with decades of laughter, spirited conversation, music, and memories.

Did I mention that the food is divine? And everyone knows it, too, so if you don’t time your visit right you’ll probably have to wait for ages to get a table, standing in a long lineup that reaches out the door and down the street. But I promise you that it’ll be well worth it… and, if you’re lucky (which, in my experience, is most of the time!), a server will visit the line while you’re waiting with a basket of the most amazing focaccia EVER (totally not exaggerating) and invite you to enjoy a piece to tide you over until it’s time for your meal.

Pag’s is a wonderful, evocative place. It’s noisy, and crowded, and delicious… and I adore it. So really, it’s only natural that the picture I’m choosing for today’s Photo Friday challenge prompt of “Atmosphere” is one I took while enjoying the Pag’s experience when I visited Victoria a couple of years ago.

Photo Friday: Atmosphere

Photo Friday: Atmosphere

I imagine it’ll be awhile before I’m back in Victoria again, but when I do visit you can be assured that at least one meal at Pag’s will be on my itinerary!

What kind of atmosphere do you enjoy?
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