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Photo A Day Challenge – January 1-12, 2017

All throughout the month of January it seems as though I’ve been racing to catch up from behind – in my day job, in the admin end of my career as a CZT, and in various aspects of my personal life.

Plus – and I’m going to be very open here, at the risk of alienating some of my readers – the situation that is playing out in the country to the south of me has deeply affected my emotional state which, in turn, has put a real damper on my desire to make art. It’s rather challenging to put one’s heart and time into creating beautiful things when so much of what’s good and right and true is being dismantled right before our very eyes.

As you might expect, my participation in this month’s Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge was a victim of this ridiculous, disheartening month, and I wasn’t even able to make it through the first couple of weeks before getting off-track and abandoning the project.

Thank goodness for fresh starts, though – which I hope to make happen in February (at least in terms of taking daily photos!). In the meantime, though, here are the results of the part of the challenge that I did complete in January.

I’ve been sharing my photos on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and the FMS Photo A Day group on Facebook, but thought I’d also periodically do a round-up of my photos here on Alphabet Salad for the benefit of my readers who aren’t active on any of these platforms.

Hope you enjoy!

(Clicking on any of the photos below will take you to my Flickr account… and, depending on your browser, hovering over them will give you – in some cases – an explanation as to how I interpreted the prompt.)

January 1 - My fave colour

January 1 – My fave colour

January 2 - Delicious

January 2 – Delicious

January 3 - Circle

January 3 – Circle

January 4 - Animal

January 4 – Animal

January 5 - A fave thing

January 5 – A fave thing

January 6 - Me!

January 6 – Me!

January 7 - Time

January 7 – Time

January 8 - A wall

January 8 – A wall

January 9 - Mail

January 9 – Mail

January 10 - Two things

January 10 – Two things

January 11 - Inside my fridge

January 11 – Inside my fridge

January 12 - Leaf

January 12 – Leaf

FMS Photo A Day January 2017

FMS Photo A Day January 2017

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