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Photo A Day Challenge – December 1-17, 2014 + 100 Happy Days – Day 96

You know, I’m beginning to think that the mail carriers and couriers in this city are becoming my new best friends… because it seems as though every time there’s a knock on the door it’s one of them with a delivery that makes my day! ‘Tis the season, I suppose.

Today I actually received two packages from a very cheerful Canada Post guy – an enormous Christmas parcel for both of us from my family (and NO, we haven’t opened it yet… it’s for Christmas!), and my very own personalized and customized “L” mug from Zazzle.

100 Happy Days - Day 96

100 Happy Days – Day 96

Of course I knew that both packages were on their way, but that certainly didn’t make me any less happy to get them! We’ll dive into the big parcel together on the 25th, but in the meantime I’ll enjoy sipping tea from my brand new mug.

Life is good. 🙂

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Now, let’s move on the December Photo A Day Challenge. I’m excited to say that from this first batch of photos for the month, my “Pop!” interpretation for December 3 was chosen for the “Fab Four” on Instagram, and my “Closed door” picture for December 10 was featured in the FMS Photo A Day group on Facebook. Thrilling indeed!

I’ve been sharing my photos on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and the FMS Photo A Day group on Facebook, but thought I’d also periodically do a round-up of my photos here on Alphabet Salad for the benefit of my readers who aren’t active on any of these platforms.

Hope you enjoy!

(Clicking on any of the photos below will take you to my Flickr account… and, depending on your browser, hovering over them will give you – in some cases – an explanation as to how I interpreted the prompt.)

December 1 - Fruit

December 1 – Fruit

December 2 - Grass

December 2 – Grass

December 3 - Pop!

December 3 – Pop!

December 4 - Free

December 4 – Free

December 5 - Me

December 5 – Me

December 6 - Joy is...

December 6 – Joy is…

December 7 - Weekends are for...

December 7 – Weekends are for…

December 8 - Simple pleasure

December 8 – Simple pleasure

December 9 - Decoration

December 9 – Decoration

December 10 - Closed door

December 10 – Closed door

December 11 - Something red

December 11 – Something red

December 12 - Skyline

December 12 – Skyline

December 13 - Much loved

December 13 – Much loved

December 14 - Drink

December 14 – Drink

December 15 - Super!

December 15 – Super!

December 16 - Beautiful

December 16 – Beautiful

December 17 - Sunshine

December 17 – Sunshine

To be continued – but in the meantime…

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