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Photo A Day October – Day 26

This month I’m participating in the October photo a day challenge, as a way to get into the daily habit of using the camera on my new iPhone, and I’ll be posting my challenge photos as part of my Alphabet Salad blog entries.

Hope you enjoy my attempts!

October photo a day challenge – October 26, 2012:
Listening to

#FMSphotoaday Day 26 - Listening to

Today was laundry day, so the sound I heard the most was the whine and whoosh of the washing machine. Today was also the day I took time to sort through all the clothes in my closet (and also the ones that hadn’t yet been unpacked!) to figure out which ones still fit, which were too small after my 56 lb weight loss, and which needed to be shelved and revisited in another few pounds. I’m not quite there yet – still a couple of bags to go – but I’m feeling very productive and accomplished!

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