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Photo A Day October – Day 14

This month I’m participating in the October photo a day challenge, as a way to get into the daily habit of using the camera on my new iPhone, and I’ll be posting my challenge photos as part of my Alphabet Salad blog entries.

Hope you enjoy my attempts!

October photo a day challenge – October 14, 2012:
Makes you laugh

#FMSphotoaday Day 14 - Makes you laugh

This was what we saw as we (and our bemused realtor) walked up to the front door of our current home for the very first time. I don’t know who added this little “feature” to the wall of the house, or at what point during the building’s century-old existence it was scratched out, or why… but it cracked us up at the time, and it still makes us laugh every time we think about it! It’s a crazy thing, but honestly, I don’t think we’d ever get rid of it. We live in a neighbourhood rich with history of rum-runners during Prohibition and numerous visits from Al Capone… and we always joke that our home’s graffiti is a sort of “X marks the spot” indicating that Mr. Capone (and a small fortune) may be buried in our basement!

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