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Pet Peeves: 21 Things That Get On My Nerves

A little while back I wrote about 221 Things That Make Me Happy. (Hey, if you missed that post the first time, check it out – lots of feel-good stuff there!). Since I had so much fun compiling my happy list, I decided to do it again… only this time, just for laughs, I thought I’d divulge some of my Pet Peeves – you know, those little, (seemingly) insignificant things that for whatever reason find a way to irritate, annoy, or otherwise get under my skin.

Thankfully, it’s a MUCH shorter list!


Pet Peeves: 21 Things That Get On My Nerves

  1. wet coffee spoons in the sugar
  2. cheap rubber flip-flops as officewear
  3. smacking or slurping while eating
  4. car alarms that won’t stop
  5. people grooming themselves – nail clipping, full makeup application, etc. – in places other than their own home or a salon
  6. eating contests
  7. banana strings
  8. drivers who allow themselves to get stuck in the middle of the intersection or crosswalk when the light turns red
  9. spitting in public
  10. when people stand in the way at the top of an escalator
  11. being able to hear someone else’s music even though they’re wearing headphones
  12. when Peter (yes, I’m naming names!) is too impatient to “nest” the graduated-size measuring cups when putting away the clean dishes and instead leaves them in a haphazard stack
  13. loud, long, chatty cell phone conversations in shared public spaces
  14. passive-aggressive Facebook status updates
  15. people who don’t clean up after their dogs
  16. labels or price tags that won’t peel off properly and end up leaving a residue
  17. when people put their feet on the cushion of the seat across from them on the bus
  18. incorrectly-used apostrophes
  19. stepping in spilled water while wearing socks
  20. “Patty” instead of “Paddy” as a diminutive of Patrick
  21. when someone parks their vehicle so that it takes up more than one parking space

Ahhh… feels great to get these things off my chest!

Now it’s your turn!

What’s on your Pet Peeves list?
Please share!

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