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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

This past Sunday I planted seeds for more herbs – sage and thyme – which means that now, along with the rosemary that’s already growing in abundance in my back yard, I have in my possession all of the ingredients required for the classic song by Simon and Garfunkel.

You’re welcome for the earworm. 🙂

(As a geeky aside, it pained me a little to type the title of this post without my beloved – and highly preferable, in my opinion – serial comma, but one must stay true to the album/song title!)

But back to my weekly garden update…

No sign of any action on the sage, but my thyme has made an appearance and seems to be off to a good start:

04-27-2012 Thyme

As far as the older plants go, my chives are filling out…

04-27-2012 Chives

…and even my parsley is making a valiant effort!

04-27-2012 Parsley

The oregano is prolific…

04-27-2012 Oregano

…as is the sweet basil…

04-27-2012 Sweet Basil

…and both smell so utterly divine you would not believe it! Every delicious pasta sauce I’ve ever tasted is embodied in the mouth-watering fragrance emanating from those little red pots, and I find it wholly delightful that I am able to facilitate this magical process!

Eventually I’m going to move the whole herb garden outdoors. The general consensus seems to be that one waits until the Victoria Day long weekend to transfer indoor plants outside, so that’s my plan at the moment. The sage (assuming it comes up) will stay in its current pot, as it’s a fairly good size, but the rest of the plants will be transferred into larger containers.

It’s been suggested that I thin out the herbs, but I’m having a hard time doing that. I’m scared I’ll make a mistake and ruin my wee plants! Also, there’s a part of me that feels so bad about having to do that, after all the happiness they’ve given me by growing so well! Silly, I know. If I’m this squeamish about thinning them, imagine the horror I’ll feel when it comes time to eat them?! Yikes…

I think I need a personal garden consultant slash therapist to help me safely nurse these babies along to adulthood!

So, how is your garden growing?

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