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Organization success!

Well, as of this afternoon it’s done… my home office reorganization is complete, including dealing with and finding places for all the unopened mail, borrowed books, spare buttons, old batteries, last year’s Christmas cards (oops!), and other random debris cluttering my room and my life.  Done!

I feel such a sense of calm satisfaction being in a space that’s ordered and comfortable.  I can’t believe that a) I allowed things to get so disorganized and messy and b) it took me so long to fix it.  Now this room seems like a brand new place, as if I just moved in… and I love it!

Of course, my next project will be learning to maintain it.  Some goals to get me there:

  • Open my mail every day and deal with it appropriately (recycle, file, hold for payment, etc.).
  • Collect all my receipts and ATM slips in one place and enter them into Quicken weekly instead of letting them build up.
  • Put things away when I’ve finished a project.
  • Dust and vacuum more often than once yearly!
  • Actually spend time in my room, enjoy the space, and be grateful that I have it.

Those goals don’t seem too onerous, really… it’s just a matter of staying on top of things and not letting clutter take hold. I can do this!

Once I’ve basked in my success for awhile, my next project will be to tackle the enormous stack of magazines that have been building up in the corner of my bedroom… i.e., remove the articles I want to keep and Freecycle them when I’m done.

This getting organized thing is actually rather addictive!

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