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Not a real Tangled Tuesday post, redux

It’s been a fun and eventful week for me – which is fantastic! – but as you might guess, a rather packed schedule means that I don’t have a whole lot to report in the tangling department (at least not enough to justify a proper Tangled Tuesday post of its own).

While I did learn a few new tangles (4MOM, Pand, and Flair, all from TanglePatterns.com), most of my tangling time was spent setting up my next tangle practice sketchbook, as once I’ve learned just two more patterns I’ll have completed my fifth full sketchbook. (As an aside, the completion of Book 5 means that I’ll have learned a total of 541 tangle patterns. I can’t quite believe it myself!)

Because of the long weekend for us here in Canada, The Diva’s Challenge for the week wasn’t posted until today, so I wasn’t able to tackle it on my day off (though given that we spent the bulk of yesterday at the Toledo Zoo, it’s highly unlikely that I would have been able to complete the challenge anyway!).

So that’s about it for me, creatively speaking. Hopefully the coming week will be more productive tangling-wise… but in the meantime, so as not to make this post a complete loss, I thought I’d share a handful of my photos from yesterday’s visit to the zoo.

Hope you enjoy!

Meerkats at the Toledo Zoo

Spot the meerkats?

Gorillas at the Toledo Zoo

I could have watched these guys all day long!

Polar bear at the Toledo Zoo

It’s unbelievably relaxing watching polar bears swimming – another way I could have easily spent the day!

How is your week going?
Please share!

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