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A new year is coming!

Now that the last week in August is here, my thoughts inevitably begin turning towards September. And ever since I can remember, September has always felt like the beginning of my new year – much more so than January ever does – so there’s a certain anticipation in the air, as though a fresh start is right around the corner.

Perhaps, for whatever reason, my mind has forever linked September with the beginning of the school year, which for me was always about newness… new outfits, clean notebooks, fresh school supplies. September was always the start of something, with old friends returning from vacation and new friends just waiting to be met. Thanksgiving with its turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie was just around the corner, which meant that – oh, joy! – Christmas itself would soon be in sight. September, with its freshness and anticipation, truly is the beginning of a brand new year full of possibilities and excitement.

Autumn Leaves

The first of January – New Year’s Day, and also my birthday – has always seemed to me to be more like an ending than a beginning. The festivities and food of the Christmas season were through, the last of the presents were opened for another whole year, and the tree had to be taken down and put away. Worst of all, after days of delicious sleep-ins, the alarm clock had to be set again so as not to be late for school or work the next day. January means an ending to fun and goodness and a return to the daily routine.

So for me, while I’ll continue to watch the ball drop and make happy noises with the rest of the world at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, in my heart, September will always be my own personal New Year.

What is “New Year” to you?
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