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NaPoWriMo + Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2015 – F is for…

Poetry from A to Z *
(* NaPoWriMo + Blogging from A to Z Challenge)

F is for… Finances
~ by Laurel Regan

(Pssst… new here? Welcome to Alphabet Salad! For background on how and why I got involved in both NaPoWriMo and the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, check out this post… and, if you’d like to catch up on my progress to date, my challenge posts are tagged with Poetry from A to Z. Glad you stopped by, and hope you’ll return!)

Blogging from A to Z April (2010) Challenge - F

if poetry paid
it would not finance such prosaic needs as
re-shingling the roof (yawn)
fixing the car (ho-hum)
chipping away at the mortgage (snooze)

oh, no (such a bore)
after all, it’s just not fitting.

if poetry paid
it would be gleefully spent on such wants and wishes as
sipping espresso on an Italian piazza (joy)
exploring ancient castles in Scotland and Ireland (delight)
walking barefoot, sandals in hand, on a Grecian beach (bliss)

oh, yes (dream come true)
after all, it’s only fitting.

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