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Mini-Break, Day 2

And the office rearrangement is complete! As planned, I put my second bookshelf together, shelved my books, and tidied up the remaining clutter. (Well, most of it… there’s still a small pile of debris sitting in the hallway that I’ll get to… soon.)

It’s difficult to take a photo of a small room, but I managed to get a couple of angles that might give you an idea of the layout, so with apologies for the crummy image quality (a new, higher-resolution camera is on my wishlist!), here’s how things look after my efforts:



I must say that it’s an amazing luxury to actually have space on my bookshelves! We’ve always had so little room for furniture that every shelf we owned was crammed full… now, though, it looks as though a few book shopping trips would not go amiss!

Tired now. More tomorrow!

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