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Mini-Break, Day 1

Today was the first day of my five-day mini-break. Normally at the beginning of a period of time off I’m fairly sluggish and lazy, but I was surprisingly motivated today and managed to get quite a bit accomplished.

I started by unloading the bookshelf in my office and moving it out into the hall, then unhooked my computer and printer, cleared everything off my desk/hutch and filing cabinet, and moved the furniture (with the help of my husband) 90 degrees to the adjacent wall. That desk/hutch is a beast, let me tell you! The rest of my time was spent reversing the destruction – putting my desk and computer back together, all the while cleaning up copious quantities of dust bunnies.

The plan for tomorrow is for me to put my second (new) bookshelf together and reshelve all my books (it will be so nice to have space for all of them!), and also find homes for the remaining bits and pieces of clutter and debris… at which point I should have a clean and organized office. Yay!

I’m not finished yet, but already I love my newly arranged space. I’m particularly grateful when I remember the tiny little place we moved from two years ago… I feel so very blessed to now have my own office.

Not much more to say than this, I’m afraid. My brain is done for the day! More tomorrow… perhaps with pics?

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