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#MicroblogMondays 7 – Tea in Chinatown + 100 Happy Days – Day 31

Today’s happiness is brought to you by a trip downtown with my sister for a “Cosy Fall Drinks” tea class at Silk Road Tea in Chinatown. Silk Road is one of those Victoria-only shops that I wished I could pick up and carry with me to Windsor when I moved, so visiting it while I was in town was a must… and a fun afternoon tea class gave us the perfect excuse!

100 Happy Days - Day 31

100 Happy Days – Day 31

We started with a palate-cleansing mulberry tea, which we drank while perusing a card containing a series of tea-related recipe ideas.

Tea tasting workshop at #silkroad in #victoria #yyj

Our first blended drinks were a pair of tea lattes prepared with vanilla soymilk, one made with Imperial Earl Grey and the other with Express Chai. Yummy!

Tea tasting workshop at #silkroad in #victoria #yyj

Following our lattes we sampled a tea cider made with hot apple juice and (I think) Herbal Chai, then hot chocolate blended with Angelwater Herbal Tea.

I was tickled to see this wall hanging with a sentiment that accords with my own tea-related approach to not-so-happy days.

At #silkroad in #victoria #yyj

After a little shopping at Silk Road (in which I picked up my own tin of Snow Apple Spice Black Tea to bring home with me) we headed around the corner to Fan Tan Trading, a fun and quirky shop that’s long been one of my favourite Chinatown destinations.

Fan Tan Trading, Chinatown #victoria #yyj

I’m guessing that this tableau tucked away in a corner of the shop is a tribute to Chinatown’s gambling history (but don’t quote me on that, as I’m not 100% sure!).

Fan Tan Trading, Chinatown #victoria #yyj

Even though cold weather is on its way, I bought a pretty (and fragrant) sandalwood fan in anticipation of next summer’s warm outdoor events.

Sandalwood fan from Chinatown.

It was another happy day!

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