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#MicroblogMondays 63 – My Latest Splurge(s)

Over at Stirrup Queens today Mel is asking her readers, “What was your last splurge?” I had to laugh when I read that question (especially after reading about her splurge!), because anyone who knows me well will almost certainly guess that my own indulgence would be something in the bag/purse/wallet department… and, predictably, they’d be correct!

I don’t know what it is with me, but every now and then I find myself on a quest for The Perfect Purse (and, slightly less often, The Perfect Wallet). As it happened I was recently in search of both at the same time, and since I was actually able to find them within a week or so of each other I’m going to answer Mel’s question in the plural with a photo.

My Latest Splurge(s)

My Latest Splurge(s) – Fossil Purse & Wallet

Aren’t they pretty?!

Now remind me how much I love them in a few months when I get restless and feel the need to go on a new quest. 😉

What was your latest splurge?
Please share!

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