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#MicroblogMondays 62 – If we met for coffee

If we met for coffee, I’d order a piping hot Caffè Americano and share all the details about what a fun time we had with our friend Heather on Halloween as we carved some rather impressive (if I do say so myself!) pumpkins (designs courtesy Pumpkin Masters) for our front porch, then scarfed down pizza for dinner in between handing out treat bags of candies to what seemed like hordes of costumed children roaming the neighbourhood.

And of course I’d whip out my iPhone and show you the pictures of our masterpieces, starting with Heather’s…

Heather's punkin

Heather’s punkin

…then Peter’s…

Peter's punkin

Peter’s punkin

…then mine…

My punkin

My punkin

…and finally the whole group of them, all lit up and ready to greet the kids (several of whom complimented us on our work!).

Three punkins!

Three punkins!

Moving on, I’d let you know how excited I am for a new adventure I’ll be starting in a few days – the first class of a 7-week drawing and sketching course I’ll be taking with a friend at one of our local community centres. It’s been awhile since I did something like this, so I’m really looking forward to the fun and creative challenge!

I’d confess that I’m struggling a little with feeling overwhelmed lately, schedule-wise, and ask for some tips on time management that don’t involve giving up any of the things I love doing (which I understand may be an impossibility!).

I’d tell you about my current favourite newly-discovered album, Tell ‘Em I’m Gone by Yusuf/Cat Stevens, which includes this very cool cover of “You Are My Sunshine” (seriously, give it a listen – it’s rather wonderful!).

If we met for coffee, I’d suggest that we head out as soon as we’d finished and take a walk on the riverfront to absorb the beautiful autumn weather we’re currently enjoying in my city.

If we met for coffee, what would you tell me?
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