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#MicroblogMondays 6 – Achievement Unlocked + 100 Happy Days – Day 24

You know, I can pack on the pounds like nobody’s business, and that’s just what I did this year. I started in January, carried on throughout that long winter that felt like it might never end and the spring that came far too late, and kept going well into the summer months. I kept gaining and gaining and gaining, like a champ, until it added up to me carrying around an additional 20.5 pounds on an already far-too-heavy body.

But I can also be very, very stubborn when the cause is important enough to me, and that’s just what kicked in when I found out that I’d be returning to Victoria for a visit in October. Determined to get back to the weight I was when I last saw my family at Christmas, I started trying again on August 4th. I got back on the path of reduced calories, (mostly) healthy eating and (usually) drinking enough water, exercising every day (even if it was just for five minutes), and logging my progress on MyFitnessPal. My stubbornness paid off this morning at my last “official” weigh-in before I get on the plane to Victoria, when I discovered that I’d almost reached my goal by ditching 20.1 of the 20.5 pounds I’d gained. (Hey, what’s 0.4 pounds between friends?!)

For those of you keeping score at home, that brings me down to a total of 38 pounds lost from my highest weight.

So today’s happiness, tinged with a little bit of pride, is brought to you by… me! I’m happy that I’ll be seeing my family at pretty much exactly the same weight as I was at Christmas, and proud that I channeled my stubbornness into making good things happen for myself.

100 Happy Days - Day 24

100 Happy Days – Day 24

Going forward, I’ll use this achievement as a reminder to myself as to just what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it.

Now, on to the next goal!

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