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#MicroblogMondays 40 – How do you keep up?

With somewhere around a bazillion blogs (give or take!) filling the blogosphere with words and pictures, information and instruction, observations and resources, keeping up with the many (many, many!) bloggers you’re interested in following can get incredibly overwhelming.


So how do you do it?

What method(s) do you use to make sure you don’t miss any posts from your favourite bloggers? Do you…

…bookmark their blogs and remember to visit them regularly?
…follow their Facebook page and hope to see notifications of new posts in your newsfeed?
…sign up for e-mail subscriptions so that their blog’s latest posts end up in your Inbox?
…add their blog to a feed reader such as Feedly or Bloglovin’?

(Or perhaps something else entirely?)

I know that a lot of people struggle with the issue of staying on top of their blog reading, so I’m really interested in hearing which strategies have worked for YOU. Please take a minute to share your wisdom – your comments will contribute to making this post a helpful resource full of creative solutions!

How do you keep up with the blogs you want to read?
Please share!

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