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#MicroblogMondays 4 – Sweet + 100 Happy Days – Day 10

Today’s happiness is brought to you by a bowl of bruised, battered, and rather sorry-looking… but oh, so very sweet and delicious… green grapes. (What can I say? Fruit makes me happy!) Seriously, these were quite possibly the sweetest and most flavourful grapes I’ve ever tasted, and I delighted in every single bite.

100 Happy Days - Day 10

100 Happy Days – Day 10

It’s a rather lovely surprise when something that isn’t particularly appealing at first glance turns out to be a treat. I’m sure there’s a deeper meaning in there somewhere – something about not judging by appearances or first impressions, maybe – but since this is a MicroblogMondays post I’ll stop right there and let you ponder it on your own!

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