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#MicroblogMondays 26 – Happy Two Years!

I can scarcely believe it, but it’s now been two years to the day since we happily added Felix, Oscar, and Grisabella to our little family. Yes, two years already! Time certainly does fly – or, more accurately (at least in our case), race around the house in a furry frenzy.

Oscar, Grisabella, and Felix - February 23, 2013

Oscar, Grisabella, and Felix – February 23, 2013

If you didn’t happen to follow Alphabet Salad back in those days and would like to know the story of how our little guys came into our lives, I have just the post for you – check it out!

While we were heartbroken to lose our lovely Grisabella to illness this past summer, Felix and Oscar in all their fluffy, mischievous, affectionate, playful, sweet ways are still very much a central part of our lives, and it’s hard to imagine our home without their personality-filled presence.

The two of them joined Peter and I for most of last evening as we watched the Academy Awards show (the whole reason Oscar got his name!), so I took the opportunity to capture them in dramatic black and white.

Felix - Oscar Night 2015

Felix – Oscar Night 2015

Oscar - Oscar Night 2015

Oscar – Oscar Night 2015

They are our gorgeous boys, and we’re so lucky they found us!

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