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#MicroblogMondays 24 – Cold Comfort

Well, the cold I mentioned yesterday decided to hit me full-force today, so thank goodness for the whole MicroblogMondays (emphasis on the micro) thing… because the idea of sitting at my laptop for any length of time – not to mention actually using my brain to compose an intelligent post – is a little daunting.

So, briefly… I realized yesterday that whenever I get a cold, my go-to comfort foods are the same ones I remember Mom bringing to me when I was sick in bed as a kid: hot, crisp, buttered toast and a bowl of her home-canned pears or peaches floating in a sweet syrup that cooled my throat. I don’t know whether it’s the simplicity of the food that’s appealing, or the memories of being cared for, or perhaps some of both… but when I’m under the weather, buttered toast and canned fruit is all I want to eat.

And as much as I love my daily cup of coffee, for whatever reason it just doesn’t seem to taste right when I’m sick… so my hot drink of choice is a mug of very milky Orange Pekoe tea.

cup of tea

Later, Peter will be making a run to the store for the usual cough and cold supplies… and, though they’ll be nothing like Mom’s, several cans of pears and peaches will definitely be on the list.

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