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#MicroblogMondays 21 – Sans maquillage

Today I accomplished something that the guys back in my school days used to laughingly dare the girls to do (though I don’t believe that they had many – or ANY! – takers): I left the house sans maquillage – that is, without makeup.

Amazing, right?!

Actually, taking that dare these days isn’t a huge deal to me – I’ve done it on occasion for various reasons, most notably in recent days due to that stupid beeswax allergy that decided to make its presence known. But today’s adventure was a little different, because it was the first time in AGES that I’ve gone out without makeup AND wearing contact lenses (instead of conveniently hiding my poor bare eyes behind my glasses).

Quelle horreur!

I don’t really wear a whole lot of makeup normally (at least I don’t think I do!), but there is a noticeable difference when I skip it altogether – I look pale, exhausted, and (worst of all) depressed. Anytime I’ve gone without mascara and eyeliner I inevitably get asked, in tones of deep concern, “Are you ok?” or, “Are you tired?” And I don’t actually LIKE the way I look when I leave the house sans maquillage – I feel naked, unfinished, and conspicuous, as if I’ve forgotten some essential piece of clothing or worn mismatched shoes.

And today’s adventure was particularly interesting, because not only did I have a hair appointment in the morning (i.e., and hour and a half of sitting in front of A Very Big Mirror), but also I had planned to make a trek to the mall to see what I could find in the way of beeswax-free makeup. Seriously, do you know what it feels like to walk into Sephora without makeup?! Talk about a recipe for insecurity!

Thankfully – or rather hopefully – I won’t have to do it again, as between Sephora and LUSH I was able to find both mascara and eyeliner in beeswax/propolis-free varieties (I say hopefully because I haven’t actually tried them yet). Here they are, along with a pretty scarf I picked up along the way (because hey, pretty scarf!).



So there you go. I survived a day out in public without makeup. It CAN be done!

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