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#MicroblogMondays 20 – Randomness

The day is fast coming to a close, and something needs to be written, but my thoughts are scattered and don’t seem to want to come together in a coherent post… so thank goodness for MicroblogMondays! Instead of struggling, I think I’ll just leave you with a few random thoughts, and end with a couple of oh-so-adorable pictures of silly little Oscar falling asleep on the couch the other night. Hope that works for you, dear readers. 🙂

So, a fresh bunch of snow fell overnight, and this morning Peter went out and shoveled the walk. Not noteworthy, you say? Well, considering that it’s been less than two months since his hip replacement surgery, I’d say it’s a banner day! I continue to marvel at his excellent recovery.

Earlier today I saw a recipe on the back of a ketchup bottle for cookies that included both ketchup and peanut butter on the ingredients list. I just don’t know… would you be brave enough to try them?!

Do you ever feel like the odd one out, a square peg in a round hole, someone who just doesn’t fit in? Every now and then I realize that I feel that way MOST of the time, no matter who I’m with, and have done so all my life. Still not sure whether that’s good, bad, or neutral… or maybe a bit of all three? Food for thought…

A friend dropped off an ENORMOUS bag of magazines for me to use for collages and art journaling, and I am gleefully looking forward to perusing their pages and attacking them with a pair of scissors. I wonder if the gathering of ephemera might not be just as fun and therapeutic as the journaling itself?

And now, Oscar.

Getting sleepy...

Getting sleepy…



I do love our goofball cats!

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