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#MicroblogMondays 13 – Back on track + 100 Happy Days – Day 73

Today’s happiness is brought to you by my delicious and colourful broccoli slaw salad loaded with fresh veggies and a few green grapes, topped with roasted pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries, and drizzled with a tangy raspberry vinaigrette dressing. After several days of not-so-healthy eating, it felt great to get back on track today with some good food.

100 Happy Days - Day 73

100 Happy Days – Day 73

And now, in related news – but this time in the not-so-happy department – is this week’s weight loss ticker. The stress and uncertainty of all that’s been happening over the past few days sent me straight to my default tendencies – comfort food and no exercise – so I wasn’t at all surprised by the results of this morning’s weigh-in.

50 pounds before BlogHer ’15!

Yes, it’s a bit of a setback. BUT! Today is a brand new day, and all is well with Peter… so I’ve given myself a gentle shake and turned myself to face the right direction again.

Here’s to moving on, and to better weight-loss news next week.

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