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#MicroblogMondays 123 – Fresh Start

This morning I (along with a goodly portion of the population, I’m betting!) stepped gingerly onto the scale for the first time in a few weeks to face up to the damage done after a (mostly planned) spree of holiday indulgence. I nervously peeked through my fingers to see the horrifying results, and… actually, it really wasn’t so bad.

Well, it WAS bad, in that I gained a few pounds – but not as bad as I’d worried it might be. And because I’d consciously planned a break from tracking my food and exercise, a small setback in my weight loss efforts was to be expected, so you know what? It’s all good.

Work in Progress

But the holidays are over, I have a big trip to Italy coming up in a few months, and a goal to lose 40 pounds this year, so I am back on track with healthy living in 2017, 80/20 style.

And it’s going to be great!

Where will you start fresh in 2017?
Please share!

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