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Merry Christmas Eve 2014!

Just a quick message to say Merry Christmas Eve from the Regan household! Peter and I will be celebrating the holiday today with a friend who has to work tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to a fun time of hanging out together. We’re not doing the big turkey dinner this year – that’s Peter’s domain, and since he’s still not totally back to normal post-surgery and I wasn’t willing to take on the task (which he claims is easy, but to me seems herculean!), we’ll be dining on a simple meal of salad and an enormous chicken pot pie from Costco. Not fancy, but definitely tasty!

I could get hung up on the low-key nature of our meal, or the fact that the Christmas tree didn’t go up this year (we’re still nervous about the fluffy boys’ penchant for stealing anything that isn’t nailed down and turning it into a toy!), or that the house never quite made it to 100% clean and tidy, or that I bought nuts in the shell and now can’t find the nutcracker, or that everything I wanted to get done before the holiday didn’t actually happen, or, or, or… but no. I am happy and healthy, Peter is happy and recovering so well after his surgery, a great friend has chosen to spend her Christmas Eve with us, we have a huge batch sugar cookie dough just waiting to be cut into shapes and baked, plus a whole mess of sweet toppings to keep us occupied with cookie decorating for the afternoon…. it’s all good!

Heading off now to do some last-minute stuff before our friend arrives… hope you’re all well!

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