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Meatless Monday No. 4 – Sabra to the rescue

Today I feel quite scattered, a little stressed-out, and most definitely pulled in several different directions at once… and this is in spite of the fact that I took two vacation days last week and am therefore just now wrapping up a five-day weekend. After running around all over town for meetings and errands and then getting home and trying to extinguish several (figurative) fires that popped up unexpectedly in my absence, I find myself in a rather weary and discouraged space this evening.

Apparently I need a break after my break.

I had great plans for this week’s Meatless Monday dinner… really, I did… but various frustrations and roadblocks got in the way and so I have shelved those plans for another time.

However, today has still been meatless! I’ve stuck to my commitment, and in part I have Sabra to thank for it, as just recently one of their representatives was kind enough to send me several coupons for their retail products to help me out with my Meatless Monday experiment.

Sabra has several flavours of hummus, so I was spoiled for choice when I visited the grocery store. Looking for something a little different from the usual, I selected their Spinach and Artichoke flavour – which ended up being part of today’s last-minute Meatless Monday meal.


While I very much enjoyed making my own hummus a few weeks ago, I was especially glad on a rather frantic day such as this to have something ready-made in the fridge. The fact that it was yummy and a different flavour than I likely would have made myself definitely helped as well! The hummus was smooth and creamy, and I really enjoyed the spinach and artichoke flavour. I’m now looking forward to trying some of their other varieties – they all look good to me, but both the Roasted Garlic and Supremely Spicy are really calling my name.

Now I think I’m going to brew a cup of herbal tea, head to the couch, and try to reclaim a little of the peace and sanity I was supposed to have amassed this long weekend.

Here’s to a more calm tomorrow.

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