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Love is not a threat

I want to write something meaningful about the misunderstanding (at best) and bigoted hate (at worst) surrounding the issue of marriage equality in the U.S., but each time I try my thoughts become mired in frustration and anger and the words end up an incoherent mess.

I will say this, though it seems ridiculous to me that such a thing even needs to be stated: My husband and I have been in a “traditional” marriage (i.e., one man and one woman) for nearly ten years now, and we can state unequivocally that the fact that same-sex marriage is legal in Canada has never “threatened” our relationship in any way, shape or form.

Love is not a threat.

Laurel Storey, CZT – Certified Zentangle Teacher. Writer, reader, tangler, iPhoneographer, cat herder, learner of French and Italian, crocheter, needle felter, on-and-off politics junkie, 80s music trivia freak, ongoing work in progress.