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International Blog Delurking Week 2014

As I learned yesterday from the ever-so-wonderful Melissa Ford of Stirrup Queens, an ancient internet tradition called International Blog Delurking Week is happening… right now! This week! And you – yes, I really do mean YOU – are invited to play!

International Blog Delurking Week 2014

(This badge was created by Melissa, and she has kindly given permission to use it to anyone who wants to do their own International Blog Delurking Week 2014 post.)

I’m a teensy bit late to the game, as International Blog Delurking Week actually started on January 5th, but since it runs all the way through to January 12th you have PLENTY of time to jump in and participate!

So what IS International Blog Delurking Week, anyway?
And how can I get involved?

International Blog Delurking Week traditionally takes place in the first full week of January, and is an opportunity for bloggers (in this case, moi) to find out who reads their blog (for me, that would be Alphabet Salad).

And participation is easy-peasy: all that’s involved in “delurking” is for you to add a comment to this blog post. That’s it! It could be as simple as a quick wave or hello… or, if you’re feeling inspired, maybe a brief introduction with a link back to your own blog… or perhaps you might let me know how you found Alphabet Salad.

That’s all you need to do!

So if you’re reading this, I invite you to play along – whether you’re an Alphabet Salad newbie, a lurker, or a regular commenter, please jump onboard! Just take a minute now to click the link at the bottom of this post to add a new comment, and say hi. Or introduce yourself and your blog. Or tell me how you found me. I’d love to hear from you!


Are you an Alphabet Salad reader?
Please take a minute to say hi!

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