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On influencing others

Inspired by NaBloPoMo writing prompt for Wednesday, January 29, 2014:

Are you good at influencing other people?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am particularly persuasive. In fact, I really don’t think that word applies to me much, if at all! Most of the time I certainly don’t try to be persuasive, and when on the odd occasion I DO try… well, most of those times I tend to be unsuccessful. (I’m not sure exactly why: lack of conviction or authenticity? Selfish motives? Unrealistic expectations? The jury’s still out on that one.)

That said, I have been told that my enthusiasm is contagious and motivating. People have been known to sign up for something, or purchase a specific product, or try out a new hobby – partly because they saw how much enjoyment I was getting from it, but also because they were already halfway there, and just needed a little push in the right direction to convince them to dive right in. (In such cases, most of the time I don’t even realize I’m pushing. Perhaps that’s what makes the difference?)


So I guess under all the perfect conditions – when I’m excited about something, when my enjoyment and appreciation for something bubbles over in an authentic way, and when the audience is receptive – I suppose, then, I could say that I am good at influencing others.

But really, only then.

How about you?
Are you good at influencing other people?
Please share!

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