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In Praise of Blank Books

Their siren song calls to me – at times shiny and new on professionally-stocked bookstore shelves… maybe an unexpected treasure tucked in amongst the hodgepodge of inexpensive dollar store selections… or, perhaps, stacked with an ambitious array of department store back-to-school supplies.

Blank books.


Blank books are seductive. They tempt me with their oh-so-pretty covers, pristine pages, and clever embellishments such as pen loops or elastic closures. They tease me with unrealized potential: pithy words I might write, meaningful quotes I might collect, beautiful drawings I might create. They lure me in with the appeal of a fresh start, a new development, a goal to meet.


Blank books are filled with promise, invoking visions of a cosy café, a cup of good coffee, and time to write. They have a tactile appeal entirely different from a computer or the latest gadget, turning creating into a physical experience: ink flowing purposefully onto the page, or a picture emerging from deft pencil strokes.


No matter how plugged in or device-driven I may become, there will always be a special place in my world for blank books.


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